Following its independence from the Soviet Union, Azerbaijan has progressed immensely and it has improved several systems in the nation, including education. Nowadays, there are approximately 15 higher education institutions accepting foreign students, including the Oil State Academy, the Medical University, and the Technical University. It is estimated that students from across 50 countries currently study in Azerbaijan.

The teaching languages at an Azerbaijan higher education institution are Azerbaijani and Russian. Consequently, interested foreigners are required to undergo language preparation classes before their application is accepted. If your home institution has an exchange programme established with an Azerbaijani faculty, it is very likely that you will receive a scholarship to fund your study programme.

Language studies can be attended in Azerbaijan. You can look for a programme either with a teaching institution or a private tutor. There are two lodging options for foreign students: either university dormitories or local families. The latter option tends to be a little more expensive.

Once in the country, you can take advantage of the information and support centres available for international students. Such centres can help you with housing information, city guidance, extension of the academic stay, and planning activities. You can even contact one of these centres prior to leaving your country and receive help with your visa registration and arrival arrangements.

Foreigners interested in attending a study programme in Azerbaijan are required to obtain one of two student visas: short term or long term.  Contact a local embassy for more information.


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