In terms of higher education studies, Aruba does not offer many opportunities, neither to locals nor to international students. The island nation is home to two medical schools, a college for teachers, and its own University that offers courses on law, finance, and tourism. If you are interesting in spending one or two semesters with an Aruban higher education institution, you can either contact the university directly or discuss the matter with your own faculty adviser. If your home university has an exchange programme with any Aruban higher education institution you will also be able to obtain a scholarship to fund your studies.

If you are planning on learning or perfecting your Dutch, Aruba represents an interesting opportunity, which can immerse you deep within the Dutch culture offered in a unique setting: a tropical island. There are various institutions that offer Dutch classes, but you can also look for a private tutor. English, Spanish, or French language courses are also popular on the island.

Given its location in the Caribbean Sea, Aruba is a great destination for those who wish to engage in water sports. You can take diving lesson, sailing courses, or snorkelling classes. In addition, because Aruba is situated outside the hurricane belt, the nation is less prone to storms and courses tend to be organised all year round.

People living in mainland Netherland require only a passport, but other nationalities should check with a local embassy for all requirements regarding a student visa. 


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