Finding a job in India if you happen to be passing through is more difficult than you may expect and to top it off the local earnings do not make it cost effective for foreign visitors. To be able to work for an Indian establishment will require a visa sponsorship from the employer, making it more practical to acquire a job before travelling to the country. Casual work opportunities like teaching holistic therapies and adventure sports, while not entirely legal can be found at some tourist resorts. There might even be some opportunities as tour representatives with package holiday companies, in addition to becoming drivers and guides with the overland touring establishments. Every year India produces over five hundred movies, and for the interested individuals, there might be work as extras in Mumbai. Film crews also scout hotels in Chennai seeking for extras on a daily basis.

Skilled workers face stiff competition when it comes to working in India, but the large supply of qualified skilled workers also attract multinational companies looking to outsource. The great emphasis on foreign trade and investment along with the relaxation of the hold on economy by the Indian government is attractive for the foreign companies. The foreign companies also bring in international workforce leading to increased numbers of jobs and expatriates working in the country.

Work experience and internships are readily available in the country. There are many options for summer as well as longer full year jobs in a variety of fields. Naturally such jobs come with nominal stipends but do provide some good experience and the opportunity to gain international experience in the field of your choice.


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