Given the fact that Canada is a developed country with a strong and stable economy, employment opportunities for foreigners are quite extensive. People seeking jobs in Canada are highly likely to find both career-related and professional employment. There are numerous online recruiting agencies that can show you all the current vacancies in your field of expertise and some of them can even help process your application.

To start job hunting, first update your resume to include all relevant work experience and education, including any vocational courses or First Aid Certificates; also make sure you write a cover letter. Foreigners are more likely to find Canadian employment in sectors such as retail or tourism. If you are looking for a temporary job, one idea would be to apply for a job on a ski resort during the winter months or on a lake resort during the summer, as these are very developed niches of Canada’s tourism industry.

English is a requirement for almost anyone wishing to find employment in Canada, so you will have to prove that you are proficient in this language. If English is not your mother tongue, having a certificate to attest your knowledge can take you a long way. In addition, knowledge of the French language is generally appreciated by Canadian employers and it can improve your chances of getting hired.

Obtaining a temporary work permit and extending it to a permanent one, if the situation arises, should not be too difficult, as the level of bureaucracy in Canada is quite low.


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