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Even though Australia is a strong economy with a low unemployment rate, job preference is given to locals, so foreigners might have a harder time finding employment. Probably the easiest route a foreigner could take is to apply for immigration as a business or skilled person, but this tends to be quite a lengthy process. Having a unique set of skills and qualifications could speed up the process.

IT, computer science, and life sciences represent growing fields in Australia, meaning that foreigners have higher chances of getting hired in these sectors. Qualified health care professionals, in particular nurses and doctors could find a well-paid job a lot faster than other types of workers. Contacting an Australian hospital and getting an offer is the easiest way to achieve this. Either way, securing a job with an employer is vital before your departure to Australia.


Australia has a holidaymaker’s scheme set up, meaning that foreigners can obtain short term employment in a variety of fields. They can work in offices as temporary employees, or, more frequently, in the tourism and hospitality industry. Seasonal jobs, such as fruit-picking, are also available. Foreigners who attend courses at an Australian university can also more easily get a job, by joining a work and study programme.

New Zealand nationals can work in Australia without a permit, but all other nationalities will require a work permit. Check with a local embassy for more information. 


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