Over the past few years, Azerbaijan has worked hard trying to improve its economic status and all its efforts panned out when it was dubbed one of top ten reformers in the world by the World Bank. The country’s thriving economy means that foreigners looking for a job have several options to choose from.

By far the leading industry in the country, and the one with the most job vacancies, is represented by the oil and gas sector. In order to land a job in this sector, you are required to be certified as an engineer (mechanical, pipeline, structural, instrumentation, or electrical). Administrative positions are also available, but past experience is required for most jobs. In addition, the agriculture industry is also highly developed, but it does not offer too many high-paid opportunities to foreigners.

Tourism has greatly improved and developed over the past years, meaning that foreigners looking for work in Azerbaijan could land a job in this field. In particular, religious and health care tourism is quite popular in the region.

English is a common second language for the Azerbaijani people, especially those living in larger cities and the younger population, but if you’re planning on working in the country long-term, you will be required to learn the local language. Russian is also widely spoken in Azerbaijan.

Anyone wishing to work or conduct any kind of business in Azerbaijan is required to first obtain a business visa. 


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