Aruba has one of the strongest economies in the Caribbean but, like its neighbouring countries, it does not offer a wide range of employment opportunities to foreigners. As a general rule, you will only be able to secure a job in this island nation if none of the locals has the set of skills you can offer. Fluency in Dutch, or better yet the local language of Papiamento can greatly help you find a job.

The tourism and hospitality industry is the greatest contributor to Aruba’s economy, meaning that it is the field with the most job openings. Past experience in this field is a must. People with a background in IT and computer science might also be able to secure a job faster. Health care professionals are also one category of workers that could more easily land a job in Aruba.


A large number of foreigners who work in Aruba hold seasonal jobs, typically in constructions. Welders and carpenters, as well as other vocational trades are highly appreciated on the island and foreigners could obtain a job in one of these fields. Experience, qualifications, and credentials are absolute pre-requisites in these lines of work.

As a final resort, you could also look into opening your own business in Aruba, as this nation tends to have a more permissive tax regimen.

Foreigners wishing to work in Aruba will require a work permit. Your employer should be able to help you with the process. 


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