Bahrain is a thriving financial centre and it has one of the most liberal business environments of all countries in the Persian Gulf area. Because of this, this island nation could be a good choice for foreigners looking for employment in the region.

Foreigners looking for a job in Bahrain should focus on the financial services and tourism industries, as these are the most developed in the country. Graphic designers and software developers also have a higher chance of getting employed. Other job opportunities include working as a health care professional, accountant, or lawyer. Regardless of the particular type of job, past experience, usually at least 2 years long, is required to obtain employment in the country. Since job preference tends to be given to locals, you might be required to prove that you possess a unique set of skills. Nonetheless, as the Bahraini dinar is one of the strongest currencies in the world, wages might be higher than in your home country.

As businesses in Bahrain enjoy low operation costs and low taxes, opening your own venture in the country is always a viable option. In order to help you with this, it is advisable that you partner up with a local who could teach you the ropes of owning your own business in Bahrain.

Anyone wishing to hold a job in Bahrain will be required to obtain a work visa. Your employer should be able to help you with the process. 


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