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Leading tours

Everyone loves travelling and exploring new places and being paid for this certainly looks like a dream scenario, but being a tour leader indeed makes this a reality. All you need in this job is a sound knowledge of the place you are visiting along with its native language.


Teaching English     

Cool HolidayThe insane popularity of the English language has led to overseas countries being increasingly concerned about their English education. If you have a sound knowledge of the English language, then you can have this job and the employing organization takes care of everything else.

Au pairing             

You don’t need any skills to have this job apart from being a caring figure. This job involves nothing rather than taking care of children’s or elderly and you are paid handsomely for it.

Working in a ski resort

Working at a ski resort is for those who have a deep carve for adventure.  You can either work as instructor for which you need to be a trained Individual in skiing or can work as a support staff and adventure is surely guaranteed.


If you are creative enough to write something compelling than this is the job done for you. You can explore the allures of some beautiful places where you can write peacefully or can write for the travel magazines worldwide.

Working in a bar

Though this is not one of the most fancied jobs, but it is perfectly suited for those who are good at communicating with people along with mixing up some cocktails and you are paid handsomely through the tips.   


Cooking job can come handy for those who have mastered this art to the perfection. You don’t need any training for this job apart from being able to cook something delicious and special. Experimentation is the key to the success here and you will be paid decently.


If you have sheer endurance and determination then you are perfectly suited for the purpose of framing. You need to be strong physically as you will have to work for hours but will surely reap the benefits of that work.


There are almost thousand volunteering jobs out there and they need almost nothing. This job can also give you a deeper satisfaction to work for some social cause and helping others.

Crewing a yacht

Exploring the vast oceans, on a yacht seems like a dream job. The experience will certainly be pleasured and you need to have is a group on easy-to-do tasks like cleaning, maintenance etc. and the job are all yours.          


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