Zambia is not new to exploration having fallen on the path of renowned British explorer David Livingstone.

 The African Impact organization has a number of volunteer projects that can cater for varying needs of volunteers. One such project is the Hands-on Lion conservation project located just close to the mighty Zambezi River. The project in Livingstone Zambia runs for between a fortnight to four weeks. Also in Livingstone is a reforestation and eco education project that aims to reduce the adverse effects of deforestation. This project runs for between a fortnight and eight weeks. In northern Zambia, volunteers can enlist for the chimpanzee and wildlife orphan care project that runs for between a fortnight to twelve weeks. In addition to these, Africa Impact also has a volunteer teaching project.

Another organization that brings volunteers to Zambia is love The organization that operates in partnership with a Zambian NGO, organizes for volunteer roles in schools, hospitals and community health clinics. The program is especially suitable as it does not require participants to possess any special skills except a willingness take part ad improve the lot of the community. Volunteers mainly operate in Lusaka and are required to enlist for a minimum of two weeks.

In addition to the above international organizations such as VSO International in Zambia, also provide volunteer opportunities. VSO targets the poorest and most vulnerable in Zambia prioritising women, children and people affected by HIV/AIDS in an integrated program. Though VSO prefers professionals in education, business, health, it or engineering, the organization also has programs for unskilled individuals aged between 18 and 25 years old. The organization with a major global outreach is suitable for individuals who may want to volunteer in different regions of the world over time.


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