Uruguay is a very appealing country with its 500 km of stunning beaches and that is why it attracts more tourists than any other Latin American country. However, behind the beauty is the reality of a poor country that needs a helping hand. As a volunteer to Uruguay you can enjoy the natural beauty of the country on a budget and contribute in a positive way.

Volunteers have four main sectors to which they can donate their services: Education, Health Care, Administration, and Construction. In each field there are numerous individual projects based throughout the country from which the volunteers can select. The choice of the project is based on the skills of the volunteer, the location they would like to serve in and their field of interest. Some projects even allow volunteers to merge a language course along with the volunteer service.

One project based in Montevideo requires volunteers to help in a housing project. In the outer edges of the capital city are many people living in houses made of metal and card and no sanitation facilities. Volunteers help to construct more enduring, safe, and comfortable housing units made of wood.

In a different project volunteers are placed in a home for abandoned children between the ages of six and eighteen years. Some are abused children while others HIV positive. Volunteers with some experience in handling such children would be ideal, but any help is welcome. Volunteers will do everything from helping with homework, to giving English classes to just providing general care to the children.

Other volunteer options include working on projects dealing with conservation of birds or with people with mental disabilities. 


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