Philippines is a very beautiful country with scenic locations. However, behind the beauty lies a developing country, that is among the most populated in the world. As such it is burdened with many social and economic issues. Due to lack of resources, many people have to do without such basics as education, housing, food and healthcare.

This is where international volunteers can make a significant difference. By taking part in one of the numerous programs, volunteers can really get to know the people of Philippines see the country and provide a helping hand.

In many communities, rural clinics are they only source of free medical care. Many volunteers are needed in this sector. Duties are allocated according to qualifications but responsibilities can range from medical diagnosis, to nutritional education. It is the ideal way for medical students to learn while helping others.

Individuals with background in psychology and counselling would be highly appreciated in Women’s Rights and Empowerment sector. Volunteers work to educate women one-on-one, and document family planning methods. They also help to support and take care of younger girls.

Orphanages are seriously understaffed, and volunteers work with existing staff to provide emotional support in addition to providing educational support and basic care. In Youth Development & Education volunteers can teach children how to play basketball, along with basic education in Mathematics, English, and Science for 4 – 5 hours a day. This leaves sufficient time to explore the surroundings. There are also some School Building and Maintenance programs in different areas of the country. Volunteers can choose a location and then spend a few weeks in a community in the chosen location repairing school building, painting the building, installing water pumps or setting up a library. Some of the free time can be used to pick up some language skills by playing with the children who will be using the school.


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