With its fascinating history, art and culture there are numerous ways to enjoy everything Egypt has to offer while giving a little something back by volunteering. There are more than 100 NGOs operating in Egypt making it easy to find a volunteer opportunity that suits individual tastes and needs. The city of Alexandria is situated on the Mediterranean and offers a great volunteer destination for art lovers, while the capital city of Cairo offers a mix of old and new.

Some volunteer options include community development where volunteers aid in fighting poverty and unemployment. Some organizations run youth empowerment programs. The Egyptian government is pushing for universal education, but there is a lack of qualified teachers. Volunteers can work in schools, or after school centres teaching English or other subjects. Previously, not much consideration was given to ecotourism in Egypt but now volunteers can help by working in national parks and reserves.

Volunteering in a local museum is another option where you can learn new skills and meet people. Some programs even include free Egyptology classes for their volunteers. Some museums also offer work placements, where unpaid workers learn about working in a museum. In work placements, workers interact with visitors explaining about the collections, and supervise the galleries in the museum, ensuring that the items are displayed appropriately. Volunteering in Egypt can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.


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