Lending a helping hand in Niger is perfect way to develop a lasting memory as the country has overcome many odds in its path to growth. According to former Peace Corps volunteer Leslie Natzke, the country has made efforts through policy to maintain positive governance indicators making it suitable for aid. The former Corps volunteer operates an organization, Expanding Lives that takes volunteers to live with host families in Niger as part of its mission, to develop role models among girls in school. The project takes girls from Niger to the US and vice versa to assist, support and teach in elementary institutions.

With its relatively low literacy education remains a constant challenge in Niger. ABC Schools project Niger is an appropriate way for teachers interested in sharing their knowledge and skills for a duration in Niger. IN addition to volunteer teachers, ABC also allows other individuals to participate in this noble goal by sponsoring a child’s education, buying books, donations of supplies and prayers. The organization has already achieved much and has started constructing school in Gubawa.

For individual with strong religious inclination, an organization such as the Catholic Volunteer Network established in 1963 is an ideal place to begin looking for volunteer work. The US based organization has 200 domestic and international lay missions that can guarantee volunteers vast international exposure. For individual with a background in healthcare, EngenderHealth began a project for fistula service in 2005, with the support of Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. Fistula treatment and prevention services are now offered at four public hospitals and works exclusively with another two hospitals in enhancement of referrals and prevention of the disorder. Further volunteer options can be found within the many international organizations in Niger.


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