Nigeria is large West African nation with the largest population among all African countries. The country is the economic giant of West Africa and as such has many international organizations active within its borders.

The Volunteers for International Partnership (VIP) is among the many organizations that invite volunteers to assist in projects in Nigeria. VIP volunteers get a first- hand experience to see, understand and experience life in Nigeria. The international volunteers often receive work placements in community projects, small-scale industries and NGO’s. Volunteer placement can be in either urban or rural areas.

Teachers Without Borders (TWB) is also an interesting volunteer organization active in Nigeria. This is an organization of volunteer teacher and educators who share a common belief in education as the key to a brighter future. TWB has 2-4 week programs in Nigeria and worldwide enlists 59 million volunteer teachers.

Hands at Work is an Christian NGO that aims to work with vulnerable communities across Africa. Among the main activities this organization is concerned with include HIV/AIDS, poverty, orphans and community projects. Hands at work takes volunteers into Nigeria to participate in these activities for between 2 weeks and 1+ year.

Volunteers for Peace is an international NGO founded in 1982 catering for global volunteers projects in over 100 countries. In Nigeria volunteers are engaged at the grass root level with community projects involving children, teens, adults, seniors, families or work groups. Volunteers can visit the country short term in 2-3 week programs r for longer terms in the 1 year plus custom program. Other organizations in Nigeria that require volunteers include United Planet, Notre Dame Mission, Nigeria has many interesting organizations and can provide a truly memorable lifetime volunteer experience.


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