With the great biodiversity in Mozambique, there are many volunteer opportunities for individuals interested in conservation activities. One such program is operated by the Humble Africa Volunteer project dedicated conservation of marine and coastal wildlife, community aid, development and education self-sustainability. The project’s volunteer base is located at Ponta Do Ouro in Southern Mozambique. Volunteers are accommodated a stone’s throw away from the beach and many vibrant restaurants.

VSO International is another organization in Mozambique that can help provide volunteers access to the country. The organization focuses on education, HIV/AIDS, and secure livelihoods. The organization is currently interested in volunteer teachers to assist it in meeting its national objectives. The United Planet also has a volunteer project dubbed the Mozambique quest. In the words of one participant, the experience is breath taking involving immersion in all aspects including exposure to poverty and making a tangible contribution. Volunteers for the Mozambique quest must be above 18 years old and be prepared to go on the trip for between six months to one year.

For volunteers interested in the travel aspect the Mozambique Horse Safari is ideal. The project that is located close the beautiful sandy beaches requires volunteers to care for horses and teach in a nearby school. While caring for horses volunteers get a free opportunity to learn or improve riding skills while exploring the local scenery. Another travel-oriented volunteer program is offered by Kaya responsible travel. The Kaya project allows volunteers a choice between an orphan education and care project and marine conservation. 


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