How would you react when presented with the prospect of visiting a country that boasts of a rich historical and cultural legacy but was closed to foreigners until recently? Yes, we are discussing about Myanmar here, the land of Aung Sung Suu Kyi. Volunteering for a visit would not just afford a glimpse into the beautiful interiors but also provide a meaningful insight into a social fabric which is still recuperating from the long civil war.

Because the term ‘volunteer’ means working for free, your job description on touching the Golden land would entail helping out the various charitable organizations in their effort to improve living conditions. Some of the sectors that are focused upon are education, health, human rights and media and to this effect organizations the world over coordinate with local bodies to facilitate volunteering for free.

Teaching is one of the easiest and also most common volunteer activities and if you volunteer for this then you could land up in any institution ranging from an orphanage to a monastery. Irrespective of the set-up you can rest assured of being provided with accommodation although amenities might vary. You will be required to teach English to a classroom spanning various age-groups and even more varied learning abilities.

One of the surest ways of contributing towards the well being of this country and also its inhabitants entails volunteering through an agency wherein you will be required to pay a processing fee for the wheels to set into motion. You can go on your own too but it might prove to be too inconvenient in terms of legal issues and may result in too much running around due to bureaucratic hassles. 


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