Denmark stands as the second most frequently visited location when comparing Scandinavian countries. Its comparably mild weather, Viking ruins, feudal castles spirited city life are all a great lure for foreigners. Volunteering is the ideal way to explore all this and gain an inside view of the Danish culture and way of life. Traditionally, the Danish people themselves have a very strong drive to give back to their communities. Being a welfare state, this also makes sense. Roughly 43 percent of the population does volunteer work through the hundred thousand organizations in the country.

The multitudes of organizations provide a large variety of disciplines one can volunteer in. Volunteer programs provide educational as well as social volunteering options.  With the exception of a few specialized programs, volunteers have to be eighteen years old to take part. Programs run different lengths of time, and some short programs can even be extended, if the need arises. Some volunteering options include:

  • Assisting a high school teacher to teach the volunteer’s native language. This usually means French, English or Spanish. The volunteers can tutor students or be conversation partners
  • Volunteers can opt to help out in nurseries, kindergarten or at afterschool centers.

Volunteer units under the Department of Culture and Leisure & Department of City Development and Events use volunteers to make Copenhagen a topnotch host for international events. New activities are planned for each year. Some previous events in which volunteers have participated included the Queen’s 70th Birthday, UCIBMX World Championship and Copenhagen Fashion Festival.


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