Volunteering affords the best opportunities to take part in the lives of people in Montenegro and contribute in a positive way. There are numerous volunteer projects that allow you to do this.

Environment related projects include the clean-up of National Park Biogradska Gora in north of Montenegro. Volunteers spend approximately five to six hours a day removing waste and cleaning around Biogradska Lake and the surrounding forests. Volunteers stay in bungalows and prepare their own food. Camp leaders arrange excursion hiking trips in nearby mountains. Evening entertainment includes spending time with locals and experiencing local pubs. Duration of projects varies from two to four weeks.

Another clean-up project involves spending ten days in each of three different towns. Again volunteers spend five to six hours cleaning regional area and roads and free time includes organized trips to swim in the sea or spending time in the town. Volunteers are housed in public buildings and do their own cooking.

Children with disabilities and their families meet with prejudice in Montenegro. There is a lot of misinterpretation about disabilities. There are no state educational provisions for such children, and society generally isolates the families. Many projects require trained and untrained volunteers to educate and train families in how to deal with children with autism or other disabilities.

Other type of volunteer work includes renovation of old houses in villages. Experience preferred includes general carpentry and any DIY expertise. While this type of work is labour intensive, it allows you to gain a unique insight into Montenegrin rural life.


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