On the surface Lebanon is cosmopolitan country with fashionable restaurants, upmarket hotels, and high-class shopping. Dig a little deeper and you see the ancient country life that exists throughout most of the country. There are many organizations in the country working at different levels to improve the lives of vulnerable youngsters, elderly and the disabled of the nation. Volunteers are always needed to contribute and make these projects more successful.

Foreign volunteers can participate in programs that teach languages to the youth. While all major languages can be taught, English is especially in demand. Another option is to volunteer in programs promoting Lebanon’s heritage to the younger generation of the country. This also gives the foreign volunteers and opportunity to appreciate the country more closely while fostering a mutual respect and understanding between people of different countries.

Conversation Partners is an innovative way to teach a language to police officers, local business, teachers, professionals, tour guides and others. During the visit the volunteers meet with their assigned group for 15 to 20 hours a week and talk with them in English. Most of the meals and a safe place to stay are provided by the program organizers. Volunteers have plenty of time leftover to sightsee after the meetings.

Lebanon’s turbulent history and instability have created a challenging environment for the young of the country. In these conditions the Church can play a pivotal role in addressing the needs of a whole generation of youngsters. Youth Ministries use volunteer help to focus on under-privileged children. The ministry holds three day sleepover camps that include recreation time as well as spiritual talks.


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