If you volunteer in Hong Kong you will not only make a difference but you will also experience an exciting, vibrant city, and a unique culture. Volunteering in Hong Kong does not require any special training, only the willingness to give one’s time to a cause you believe in.

While on the outside, Hong Kong is an ultra-modern city that is the centre of international commerce, it still has many poverty stricken areas. Human resources are essential for alleviating and fighting poverty. Numerous organizations based in Hong Kong require volunteers to work on raising funds, collecting and sorting food items, repacking and distributing the collected items, and organizing food drives.

On a more personal level, one can volunteer in Hong Kong by teaching spoken-English to local children simply by playing games or talking to them. Volunteer opportunities also allow you to care for elderly residents, take them on recreational outings or accompany them to doctor’s visits.

In 2011-2012 more than 6,000 volunteers contributed over 52,000 hours to such work.

If seeing the functioning of the corporate and financial world is more one’s style then it is possible, in Hong Kong, to get volunteer internships in high calibre private companies, state ministries and NGOs. A firsthand experience of how big organizations function can boost anyone’s resume.

Volunteer work is not always easy. It can be tiring, sometimes requiring travel to remote areas, or unsafe locations. It may also mean making do with the bare minimum. The bright side is that it is gratifying, allows one to meet a mix of people from all parts of society and experience a new culture.


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