Whether you are a student or a professional looking to fill in vacation time, Botswana promises to make your volunteer experience a lasting memory.

Due to the large amount of wildlife in Botswana there are several opportunities in Botswana in the field of conservation. Almost 17% of Botswana is located within wildlife conservation areas and there are many projects catering for different species. Elephants, rare antelopes, rhinos, lions, and giraffe are among the species volunteers can work with. In addition to wildlife conservation, volunteer opportunities exist in other areas such as education, health and teaching. Over 30% of its population lives in poverty thus creating a need.

One way to come to volunteer in Botswana is to obtain a TEFL English training certificate and apply for openings in the country. The poverty rate denies many proper education and even teachers may lack a proper grasp of the English language.  

There are also a number of non profit organizations offering a number of services in Botswana that provide skilled professionals and students volunteer opportunities. The United Nations has a long running (since 1973) volunteer program in Botswana that targets pertinent national issues such as HIV/AIDS, education and disaster response.

To access information on volunteering in the country review blogs of past visitors, active organizations where you could make a contribution or use the services of an agency to arrange your excursion. For complete details on whether you need a work permit or visa visit the immigration website.


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