Most people think of shopping and sightseeing when it comes to vacation time however, volunteering offers a different way to see the world without emptying one’s pockets. Croatia has many volunteer options to suit all tastes. Whether it is taking care of baby bears, learning new building techniques, harvesting grapes and olives or attending festivals at a fraction of the actual cost, the opportunities are numerous. Most organizations looking for volunteers do not require any previous experience or skill sets. All they expect is commitment towards the chosen job and some enthusiasm.

Chances to volunteer in conservation projects are available throughout the year. Help to protect nature, history and culture is always welcome. Depending on the time of the year one chooses to volunteer, the tasks assigned will vary. One can end up doing anything from helping farmers bring in crops to herding sheep or keeping a watchful eye on Giffon Vultures.


For music enthusiasts, volunteering at music festivals is another option. For example if one volunteers at the Terraneo Music Fertival, the cost of admission ticket is refunded. Additionally, the volunteers are provided with accommodation and food free of cost. Motoyun Film Festival also provides its volunteers with similar perks.

In many cases, volunteers are asked to pay some small fee to cover the boarding and lodging expenses. Different organizations charge different fees, and this usually depends on their level of involvement in a project. Reductions are possible if one requests and makes a good case. Many of the locals advertise privately requesting volunteers to help them with maintenance of farms or small businesses in exchange for free food and lodging.


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