Although one of the most developed countries in the Persian Gulf, there are certain areas where Bahrain could use some improvement. Consequently, the aid provided by international volunteers is very much appreciated.

The vast majority of volunteering programmes in Bahrain deal with improving the community. You could opt to work with children, either in orphanages or as a teacher. Even if you don’t have any teaching qualifications, you might still be able to teach English classes, provided that you are a proficient speaker. Working with Bahrain’s youth is another popular option. Volunteers help with organising various campaigns and involving the young in certain activities. Volunteering in health care programmes, construction projects, or supporting local non-profit organisation are other viable options.

Worker societies in Bahrain also recruit volunteers. Interested foreigners can apply with an agency and help ensure that the workforce in Bahrain, especially migrant workers, benefit from basic human right, in accordance with international standards.

If you would like to focus more on the environment, there are several programmes that deal with preserving the wildlife in Bahrain you can enrol in. As English is widely spoken in the country, you are typically not required to speak Arabic, although language classes may be included in your volunteering programme. Other requirements include being over 18 years of age and having a clean criminal record.

Depending on the duration of your volunteering programme in Bahrain, you might be required to obtain a visa. Check with a local embassy for more information.


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