Despite the peace and stability, bad climate has adversely affected agricultural production. Much of the country’s food is imported and other than the port, Djibouti has scant natural resources. In addition to this unemployment is high and as such, there is much that can be done in the country to help uplift living standards.

With the help of the US Air force, medical volunteers can enlist to help provide services to the sick at Camp Lemonier in Djibouti. The military operated clinic provides an opportunity for interest individuals to help reach out to the unwell in the community. The clinic is understaffed and volunteers are useful in increasing the reach.

The Djibouti Armed forces also has a very suitable annual volunteer program that is designed to help earn training and provide volunteer experience. The annual program recruits about ten volunteer trainees to work in various capacities including drivers, site machine operators, and so on. The volunteer program is good as it allows volunteers to join Colas Djibouti upon completion. Volunteers may work with excavators, backhoes, graders or serve as a driver or loaders assistant.

Due to the unemployment situation, poverty remains a major issue in Djibouti. Due to the high level of poverty, sanitation is poor and organizations such as the British Red Cross are often working with local communities to help improve living standards. The organization has participated in micro finance, disease control and improvement of sanitation in the country. The program regularly enlists volunteers to assist in monitoring and management of its microfinance program. In addition to the above experiences, the marine wildlife along the coast is bound to have drawn the interest of some wildlife conservation groups who need volunteers.


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