Possessing a rich history with idealistic beaches with coral reefs, Curacao offers many opportunities to volunteer in fields of environment and archaeology. Sometimes opportunities arise to work in projects related to monitoring stranded whales or helping with the related office work. Volunteers help out by updating the website, creating newsletters, or aiding by creating a database for animal identification. Volunteers are also needed to write blogs on beached pilot whales, review past events and bring them up to date. Some projects require that volunteers be EU passport holders or have valid Dutch Work permits.

Another possibility of volunteer work in Curacao has to do with taking part in different research projects related to ecology of benthic algae on coral reefs and related interactions with corals. Volunteers get to learn of coral reef environment, and gain coral reef survey skills along with research diving skills. These volunteer placements last approximately one month and require that the volunteers be certified with a minimum of 25 dives with a willingness to work for extended hours.


Taking part in a volunteer expedition is another option. Volunteers are needed to help interpret the unearthed artefacts from different projects for school children. In addition volunteers help to draw a well and carry out an architectural survey of worker housing area in Willemstad called Fleur de Marie. Some of the volunteer jobs in Curacao are physically challenging so volunteers must be fit. Placements in these projects can last form one week to as long as several weeks.



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