The younger people in Dominica are well fed and generally have a good place to sleep. More than eighty percent of them attend school and get the basic education. However, with growing domestic violence and increasing teenage pregnancies, HIV/AID, they need support in making the right decisions in life. There are a large number of options for those interested in carrying out community based volunteer work in Dominica combined with a holiday.

Community based volunteer programs in Domnica contribute significantly to improve the lives of children in small communities. Volunteers work with school children to run arts-based enrichment programs in the mornings and then spend the afternoons relaxing and spending quality time with the participating children. All volunteers participate in the different projects being run on a rotating basis. Additionally, they help with meal preparation as well as cleanup duties. Most projects are located in villages with basic accommodations only, allowing volunteers to experience the island at the grass roots level. Such projects offer college students a good way to explore other cultures and do something constructive.


Another volunteer option in Dominica is to help locals run lodges. In such mutually benefitting arrangement, the volunteers in Dominica are expected to work 32 hours a week in the kitchen, garden planting vegetables, doing office work or carrying out building duties. Since lodge locations are remote, regular runs to the village for personal needs are the norm and the hike exhaustive. The work is physically demanding as the area is hilly. Volunteer workers in Dominica get two days off to enjoy the sights in the area.

A lot of people do not even need a visa to visit Dominica. Citizens of a large number of countries from Americas and Europe can visit Dominica for a period of six months without a visa. Citizens for another group of European and Asian countries can visit Dominica for three months without a visa.



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