If you are a student with the summer free, are on a gap year, have retired or are just looking to take a break from work – why not combine travel with volunteering? Anyone who has the time and the will to do it can do something worthwhile by volunteering in Guatemala.

Although Guatemala is a very small country, it offers jungle, mountains and hundreds of miles of coastline. The people are friendly and welcome strangers. You will enjoy the busy markets run by the women in their traditional colourful clothes. You will meet other volunteers from around the world and share experiences. There are projects that range from helping subsistence farmers to the advising of micro businesses.

If you enjoy working with children there are orphanages and educational projects.  For those that like to make a physical effort, there are building projects.

People that are concerned with animal welfare can volunteer to work in animal shelters in the cities or wildlife conservation projects in the countryside. If you want to volunteer, but don’t know what to do, there are umbrella organizations that will help place you. These support organisations will help you to find the right opportunity and many will help by also organising language courses and home stays. These organisations often charge a fee. There are also however volunteer programmes in Guatemala that are free of charge and also sometimes include food and accommodation.


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