Angola is a fast growing African nation located on the Atlantic coast. Through volunteering in Angola, you can help promote peace, and transform the nature of development worldwide. Volunteering is relatively simple and anyone with time and a skill can select a suitable cause and participate in making it a reality. Angola is particularly good for volunteering because as a nation rebuilding itself, there are many areas that need attention.

For example, the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) Programme has several projects that can provide suitable opportunities for prospectors in Angola. Through this programme the organizations sends nurses, teachers, human rights activists among other categories to assist in rebuilding the nation.

Other organizations that have made their mark in Angola and offer volunteer opportunities include the Peace Corps, African Conservation Foundation and the Institute for International Cooperation and Development.

To identify an appropriate volunteer opportunity, one may choose to inquire directly to organisations  or use the services of an agency. Though agencies require a fee, in the case of Angola it could be the best way to go.

For the most part people working with international organizations are provided secure housing and suitable transport. The capital city is quite vibrant and has many modern amenities such as mallsand hotels. In addition to the volunteer experience, Angola promises to treat visitors to exotic game such as the rare Giant Sable Antelope and its beautiful landscape.


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