Higher education in Yemen is of four years, except for Engineering which requires five years and Medicine requiring six years. There are seven public and five private universities, along with a couple of community colleges with numerous religious institutions found in Yemen. In addition to this the government is promoting technical and vocational training institutes.

A large number of courses are available at the Technical Educational and Vocational Training institutes. The courses are intended for students with post basic and post secondary level students. Accredited colleges, running on non-profit basis provide students with the opportunity to learn the Arabic language and study contemporary Middle East. Depending on the depth of knowledge students want to gain, courses can run from a few weeks to years. Programs can even be specifically tailored to meet student requirements.

Yemen is the perfect location for learning Arabic. Sana’a is among the few places in the world where Arabic is the exclusive language, unlike the other Middle Eastern cities where other languages prevail. The cultural programs too are multidisciplinary giving student’s deep rooted knowledge of Yemen and neighboring regions. All courses meet stringent standards of European and American universities, and they are taught by highly qualified scholars. They are supplemented with field trips throughout the region and combine theory with practical knowledge.

There are a number of scholarships available to students wishing to study in Yemen. The Yemen Institute for Arabic Learning makes available three scholarships for undergraduate students, based on academic excellence. Each scholarship includes the cost of forty hours of private tuition and accommodation. The American Institute of Yemen study Fellowships are open to students in every field of study.


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