In addition to many beautiful sites, Zambia is also quite the study abroad location owing to its history of peace and tranquillity.

The oldest institution in the country is the University of Zambia was established in 1963 and its first chancellor was the first Zambian president Dr. Kenneth Kaunda. The institution offers courses through its various schools including the school of agriculture, education, engineering, law, mines, medicine, natural sciences, humanities and veterinary medicine. The university’s vision is to become a provider of world-class knowledge services in higher education and knowledge generation. To this end, the university has well established and accomplished research department.

The Cavendish University Zambia (CUZ) established in 2004 is a private higher learning institution in the country that offers reputable degrees and post-graduate degrees within Zambia. From a population of just 59 students in 2005, CUZ has taken courageous steps that have seen its student population grow in numbers to 9,700 by 2012. During the years after its inception, the university has built an ultramodern campus in Kafue and another, the Cairo Campus in Lusaka. The university’s vision is to be African Harvard.

The Zambian Open University is another reputable institution in the country established in 2006. The University was established based on the need for education and the potential of open distance learning needs and supporting structures. The institution offers course through various schools including the school of agriculture, law, humanities and social sciences, Mathematics, Business, Education and Media and Performing Arts. The institution offers undergraduate and post-graduate degrees for both remote and residential students. In addition to the above institutions, students interested in the Zambian experience can enlist with other universities in the country or enlist for internship programs.


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