In this present age, Myanmar stands at a crucial juncture as regards its education system and to make up for much of the harm caused during various uprisings, the new regime has introduced many new schools, colleges and universities. However, the standard of education still leaves much to be desired especially when compared to the existing levels of education in other developing countries.

For anyone who wishes to learn Burmese, studying in Myanmar is an excellent opportunity wherein the exposure granted to you will be invaluable and unique. You can enroll with any of the institutions and as a part of on-campus employment can opt for teaching English to the local students there. Because spoken English is a rarity and very much in demand, students or volunteers who offer their services are generally revered and respected.

Meditation is another discipline that draws lots of students to this country and there are as many meditation centers to support this influx too. Being a land of Buddhism, there are many streams practiced here with Theravada leading the list so conducting thorough research prior to enrolling with a center is a must.

Visa requirements for entering Myanmar vary as per the country being traveled from but some of the common requisites are filling of immigration form, two passport size photographs in color depicting the face clearly against a white background. Duration and details of stay along with proof of departure need to be submitted along with application. Inquiring about the validity of visa as also its permissions and restrictions is also a must. For example, if your student visa does not permit you to work then you would be better off not to seek employment during your course.


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