Even though American Samoa is a relatively small and somewhat isolated nation, there are several opportunities for foreigners wishing to pursue a study programme here. Currently, there is only one higher education institution in American Samoa, called the American Samoa Community College. Nonetheless, there is a wide variety of classes offered, ranging from Business and Life Planning to Science and Criminal Justice. If you plan on spending a semester or more in American Samoa, you can either contact your own faculty adviser so as to see if your home institution has any affiliate or exchange programmes with the College, or you can contact the Samoan institution directly. 

One of the most fascinating study programmes foreign students could enrol in are those dealing with Pacific Communities and Social Change. More often than not, such programmes are organised in several island nations in the Pacific Ocean. For example, a programme designed for American Samoa will more than likely also include the nearby Independent State of Samoa. During one of this programme, students will have the opportunity to see how globalization and urbanization affect the development of Pacific communities. Other popular lectures include archaeology, indigenous art, and ethnography.

There are also quite a few Samoan language and arts classes you could enrol in. Language classes are typically offered by various teaching institutions, but you could also opt for a private tutor.

US citizens do not require a visa for American Samoa. For other nationalities, make sure you check with a local embassy for a full list of requirements. 


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