One of the best study options in the Dominican Republic is to learn Spanish. Enrolling in one of the numerous language schools, offering courses ranging from beginners to intensive, allows the student to learn the language at their own pace while totally immersing in the local culture. Depending on the amount of time and money the student is willing to spend; the courses can be short term or extended for more intensive studies.

With the population of the country facing major social and health issues, short term studies in the Dominican Republic allow students to experience healthcare in the Caribbean first hand. These study abroad programs combine classroom lectures with field work and homestays in rural and urban communities. Such programs allow students to practice Spanish language skills while experiencing pre-professional healthcare issues by working with medical staff within the healthcare spectrum.

Most of the institutions of higher education in the Dominican Republic are relatively young, coming into operation in the second half of the twentieth century. Regardless of this, three of the country’s universities have managed to gain a ranking in The QS University Rankings list. Additionally there are a number of colleges offering courses in technology related fields in the Dominican Republic. The not for profit institutes are much cheaper for the foreign students and offer a broad range of subjects including Arts, Humanities, Technology and Science. Typically the universities follow a bachelor’s, master’s and PhD route however, the graduate market is fairly new.



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