It is a common sight in Yemen to see young people by the roadside or public places looking for work, this however is not a reflection on the lack of jobs. It is actually a sign of the lack of education, which means they are restricted to manual jobs. Even through westerners can find jobs in the upper management sectors, it is still difficult to get employment in the country due to the bureaucratic obstacles associated with working in the country. Majority of the westerns working in the country do so as expatriate staff for western companies.

One exception is for native English speakers to work in the education field. There are many options in the larger cities ranging from universities to private schools and government organizations to national corporations in desperate need of teachers. In many cases the only qualification required is that you are a native English speaker. If you try, it is even possible at times to get a job teaching English, even when English is not your first language. Another option is try the local English-language magazines, as many times they require proof readers.

Since Yemen is an oil producing and refining country, jobs are possible at well-sites carrying out skilled technical services. Field jobs are physically and mentally demanding. Workers are expected to work twelve hour shifts and put in extra hours when needed. Job qualification only requires 2/3 year technical diploma or an Associate degree in engineering related subject but experience is no mandatory. Types of jobs include, drilling services, pressure pumping, reservoir navigation services, specialty chemicals, surface logging services, and wellbore intervention to name a few.

Visa regulations change frequently, so it is best to find the latest information before departure. Currently visa on arrival is not longer available to citizens of a majority of the countries. Most visas are valid for thirty days from the date of being issued. The other option is to go through a licensed tour operator. They get the pre-visa paper work taken care of and the real visa is issued at Sana’a airport. Such visas are also valid for 30 days. For individuals who line up a job before departure, the company usually takes care of the paperwork.


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