With a population of around 840 people in the whole country, the Vatican City really does not offer much in the way of employment opportunities. Despite this there are almost 2,400 general workers that make up its work force. Vast majority of these workers are citizens of Italy with very limited number from other countries.  Most of the workers live outside the country and commute to the Vatican City to work.

Employment opportunities inside the Vatican City are strictly controlled. All administrative positions of importance are either appointed by the pope directly or selected by distinguished groups of cardinals heading various departments.

Other job opportunities are also rather restricted. For example, early practice was for Popes to draft Swiss mercenaries to form an army. In 1506 Pope Julius II formed the Pontifical Swiss Guard as his personal bodyguard. They continue to perform this service even today. The Guard is made up of approximately 140 members and are recruited by special arrangement between Switzerland and the Holy Sea. All guard members must be Swiss citizens, unmarried males, catholic, five feet nine inches tall, and between the age of 19 and 30. They have to be trained by the Swiss Army.

Military protection to the Vatican City is provided by Italy, as it enclosed within the Italian Republic. The Vatican controls its own Internet, and has a radio with antennae positioned on Italian territory. Television services are provided by the Vatican Television Centre. A semi-official newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, is published by Catholic laymen. There are really no positions to which most outsiders can apply.

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