Zambia is a southern African nation hard at work to achieve important development milestones and as such, professionals can find work in the country with international organizations.

Due to the inability of the government to meet its health care goals, there is a lot of work in health within the country. Though many hospitals are government operated, there are a number of mission hospitals in rural Zambia. For health care professionals interested I working Zambia, they can choose from work in government hospitals, mission hospitals and private clinics. To access these job one is required to register with the Health Professions council of Zambia.

The BBC Media Action is also active in Zambia working on a number of different projects in Zambia. The organization that is appropriate for journalism professionals has worked with local journalists on delivery of balanced coverage of elections, training local journalists to manage decision makers in face-to-face debates and supporting local radio to improve local services. The organization works in many African countries and is appropriate for individuals who may want to work around the continent.

As with many developing sub Saharan states, Zambia has a serious problem in relation to access to safe water. According to WaterAid of UK, 4.7 million Zambians do not have access to this resource and risk many preventable diseases. The organization has been in Zambia from 1993 and works with small charities and educational institutions to install low cost technologies that communities can maintain. In 2012, WaterAid UK provided 54,000 people with safe drinking water and improved sanitation for another 42,000.


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