Since Suriname is a relatively small country with a weaker economy than that of the countries around it, work opportunities for foreigners are limited. People coming from the Netherlands have the most chances of finding a job in Suriname, as these two countries have established several work exchange programmes.

Since the bauxite industry is very developed in Suriname, foreigners have higher chances of finding employment in this particular field of activity. Additionally, you could also search for multi-national corporations which may have offices in this South American country.

Knowledge of the Dutch language is pretty much a must if you want to work Suriname. If you have the proper certification, you might even be able to secure a job as a Dutch teacher. However, you should take into account that the language spoken there differs from the Dutch spoken in the Netherlands.

Anyone wishing to work in Suriname has to obtain a work permit. Once you’ve secured a job, your employer is the one who has to apply for it.


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