India is a diverse country with sky rocketing mountains, historical rivers, beautiful sea coast as well as desserts and rainforests. Exploring and experiencing everything requires a significant amount of time. Volunteering can offer a way to explore India in depth.

There is no scarcity of volunteering prospects in India. Many international and highly organized local agencies operate in the country. While the international organizations charge fairly steep fees to cover accommodation, and food, dealing directly with the organizations running the programs can significantly cut down on the costs. Some organizations even make board available, which makes the trip even cheaper.

In Uttarakhand, a rural organization works for community development. Their projects are carried out throughout the year allowing volunteers to experience life at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. Work revolves around farming, teaching in a local school, and construction. Volunteers can live with a local family.

A residential village for the under privileged and mentally challenged adults approximately four hours from Mumbai have been using volunteer since 1995. Volunteers help to run workshops, community development projects, and cultural activities. Volunteers get meals and accommodation but welcome donations as the project does not receive any government funding.

Elephants of Jaipur provide rides for tourists to fort Amber daily. This entails long walks for the elephants and their mahouts. In 2005 the government allotted 30 hectares near Jaipur for the elephants. It has housing for the animals with a large man-made lake for the elephants to swim and play after working in the city’s dust and heat. Volunteer help is solicited to help the mahouts take care of the elephants feeding and bathing them after a long day’s work.


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