For those wishing to live and work on an island paradise with warm weather all year round, Palau might be a great option. Even though salaries might be less than what you would expect in a Western society, they are more than enough to cover the cost of living in Palau.

Most job openings for foreigners are available in the tourism and hospitality sector, an industry which has significantly developed over the past years. Past experience is required, but the great news is that tourism is active throughout the entire year. It is important to note that, when it comes to employment, preference is given to the locals and to U.S citizens. However, provided that you can prove you posses a set of skills which cannot be matched by the locals, you are likely to get hired. As Palau is a hot spot for scuba diving, qualified instructors could also get hired quite quickly. The health care industry and the education, law, or accounting sectors are other fields offering opportunities to foreigners.

Prior to heading out to Palau for work, you will probably be required by employer to undergo a medical examination in your home country. In most cases, those who do manage to secure a job in Palau are required to obtain a work permit. However, several nationalities benefit from a one-year visa upon their arrival in the country. For more information, check with a local embassy. 


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