Pakistan has a very large market for speakers of English. Other than that many educated Pakistanis emigrate to countries in the West, leaving plenty of vacancies for those having the necessary education. It is very possible to have several job offers within a short span of time. It is not unlikely that you may even be offered a job you do not qualify for, as people in Pakistan get excited about hiring foreigners.

Voluntary teaching positions with nominal monthly stipend are fairly common in Pakistan. English teachers for primary schools are especially in demand in the northern area rural school. Such positions provide an excellent opportunity to gain work experience. The package typically includes a yearly ticket home, visa expenses, meals and accommodation.  

If you venture into Pakistan on a tourist visa, you can most probably land a job, however getting your visa changed is another story. The visa status has to be changed from the home country. After landing a job, the place of employment will help with the paper work and get approval from Board of Investment (BOI) as well the Ministry of Interior (MOI) but you must leave the country to get the visa. Visa costs are fairly high and you only get one year multiple entry visa so, remember to negotiate the cost of visa as a part of your employment package. If one member of a married couple wife has a job commitment, the spouse automatically gets a visa without a job commitment.


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