Macau is a booming metropolis and recognized tax haven, offering quite a few employment opportunities to interested foreigners. Since the tourism and hospitality industry is one of the best developed, most job openings are in this sector. Past experience and knowledge of several foreign languages might help you land a job faster. Macau also has a shortage of certified health care professionals, meaning that foreigners that have obtained a diploma at a Western medical school have high chances of getting employed in this field. The gaming sector and the gambling industries are also popular in Macau. Dealers or foreigners specialized in casino work might also be able to find employment in Macau.


Housing for expats living and working in Macau is on the expensive side, but some employers offer to pay the rent. Make sure you discuss this aspect firsthand. In addition, if you are looking for a more permanent type of position, you should probably invest in a few Cantonese language classes, which is the most widely-spoken language in the region. Approximately 95% of the population speaks Cantonese.

Anyone wishing to work in Macau is required to obtain a work permit, commonly referred to as the “blue card”. 


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