Eritrea is strategically located country on the horn of Africa. The country, which is very poor, has recently received a major economic boost from mining activities. The country believed to have insignificant mineral deposits began mining gold in 2011. The mining activity involves major corporations from Canada, China and Australia. Professionals in the mining sector interested in working in this relatively virgin territory can possible find work within the budding mining sector.

In addition to mining, the UK embassy in Asmara serves as a conduit for British interests in the region and can be used to find or create work in the region. The UK has a number of special envoys including Angelina Jolie who travel the world to eradicate sexual violence around the world among other activities. Interested organizations and individuals can explore available options to begin active engagement in the country.

The decades of conflict in the region have contributed to destruction of many public resources such as hospitals. In response, organizations such as the Fred Hollows foundation have taken steps in partnership with the local health ministry to establish medical facilities. The foundation currently operates an eye clinic that serves as a training facility for the local population. This presents an opportunity for interested applicants as paid or volunteer contributors.

In addition to the above opportunities, English language teaching opportunities are likely to abound in the country. For more information, contact TEFL for certification and procedures on establishing learning centres. The tourism potential in Eritrea is also largely untapped and suggests existence of significant work opportunities for would be investors. 


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