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Yemen until 1990 was actually two separate countries. Aden was inclined towards the Marxist USSR while Sana’a leaned towards the west more. Upon reaching an agreement the two countries unified and the Republic of Yemen was born.

Yemen is situated on the southern tip of Arabian Peninsula and has common boundaries with Saudi Arabia and Oman. It is made up of a thin strip of coastal plains guarded by the mountains of southern Arabian Peninsula, and flat topped hills. An upland desert runs along the border with Saudi Arabia. The northern portion of the country is surprisingly fertile and is home to a number of crops including coffee, cotton, oats, corn, dates, barley, almonds and grapes to name some. Farming also includes livestock breeding of cattle and goats. While Yemen’s economy depends on oil, it is projected to run out by 2017, and it is projected that Yemen can depend on its agricultural lands to sustain its economy.

Yemen’s major cities include Sana’a the capital city, Aden a seaside city and former capital of South Yemen, Al Hudayda a seaport city on the Red Sea with amazing beaches, and Al Mukalla the bustling port in east Yemen and gateway to the historical Hadhramaut. Travel in Yemen takes a bit of an effort and while there are hundreds of miles of new roads, infrastructure in the eastern Mahra area is lacking. Also foreigners require travel permits for certain regions and independent travel is not permitted.


Climate of Yemen combines high humidity with soaring temperatures, going up to 54° C (129° F) in the shade. The summer and winter winds bring sandstorms. January and February are the most pleasant months with temperatures averaging around 20° C (68° F). The climate in the highlands is usually much more tolerable.

Fast Facts:

Official Name: Republic of Yemen

Capital: Sana’a

Government: Presidential system, Constitutional republic

Total area: 203,849 sq mi (527,969 sq km)

Currency: Yemeni Rial

Official language:   Arabic Language

Ethnic group:   Arabs, minor Afro-Arabs, South Asians, and Europeans.

Religions:   Islam small numbers of Jews, Christians, and Hindus.


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