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Looking for a list of expat communities around the world? You’ve come to the right place.

The International Wanderer provides expatriates with links to worldwide and local expat communities. From the very formal to the informal.  If you are working overseas, studying abroad, interning abroad or volunteering abroad – we hope you will find useful expat communities in this directory.

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Worldwide Expatriate Communities

  • Expat Briefing
    An online publication serving international expatriates. Subjects covered include: employment and business, taxation, finance, healthcare and day to day living.

    Website: http://www.expatbriefing.com/
    Facebook: facebook.com/expatbriefing

    The Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide is a non-profit organization that has been representing Foreign Service spouses, employees and retirees since 1960 and provides loads of practical information for the expatriate.

    Website: www.aafsw.com

  • AlloExpat.com
    is an expatriate information and resource portal which connects expats living in or moving to over 89 countries across the globe, and includes an online forum.

    Website: http://www.alloexpat.com/
    Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Allo-Expat/105529372400

  • AngloInfo Worldwide
    is composed of a network of expatriate sites worldwide offering forums, guides, and other information.

    Website: http://www.angloinfo.com/

  • EasyExpat.comExpat Guides
    Provides expatriates with accurate information and answers about the major cities with the most expatriates..

    Website: www.easyexpat.com

  • Movehub
    MoveHub helps you make an informed decision about wherever you want to move to and our site lets you know where the most popular destinations for expats are, and why.

    Website: www.movehub.com

  • AAFSW 
    The Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide is a non-profit organization that has been representing Foreign Service spouses, employees and retirees since 1960 and provides loads of practical information for the expatriate.

    Website: www.aafsw.com

  • AnAmericanAbroad.com  
    endorses and recommends traveling outside the US many times in your lifetime. They promote travel abroad, educate Americans within the US about the outside world, host a community area for expatriate Americans, promote respectable products and services, and offer time-saving information available to the expatriate.

    Website: www.anamericanabroad.com

  • AngloInfo Worldwide, 
    is composed of a network of expatriate sites worldwide offering forums, guides, and other information.

    Website: www.angloinfo.com

  • Asia XPAT 
    AsiaXPAT targets professional expatriates and communities in Asia. The website provides information for expats about the major 15 cities in Asia. Every city has a guide. The guide includes articles, jobs, property, classifieds, forums and leisure information.

    Website: www.asiaxpat.com

  • The BIG Guide to Living and Working Overseas
    provides free access to some of the book’s content, with useful advice for those seeking to live and work overseas. Both print and online versions of the book are available for purchase through the website.

    Website: www.workingoverseas.com

  • BritishExpats.com
    is a resource for British expatriates around the world. Immigration and general discussion forums, blogs, articles, photo gallery, classifieds chatroom and more.

    Website: www.britishexpats.com

  • Canuck Abroad.com
    caters to the Canadian expatriate, but provides information and resources—ncluding a forum —which are equally useful to Americans and other expatriates.

    Website: www.canuckabroad.com

  • Easy Expat 
    provides practical and up-to-date information for expatriates on subjects such as careers and jobs overseas, moving abroad, taxes, accommodations, healthcare, international schools, childcare, repatriation, and social life.

    Website: www.easyexpat.com

  • Escape Artist 
    is a website with a magazine about living and buying real estate overseas. The website focuses mostly on the business and finance aspect of living abroad, rather than the social one. It also provides information about buying real estate abroad, targeted mostly at American lifestyle migrants.

    Website: www.escapeartist.com

  • Expat Blog 
    Share your expat experience the worldwide online expatriate community. Free weblog, directory, resources, forum for expatriates.

    Website: www.expat-blog.com

  • Expat Exchange 
    is a fairly extensive expatriate site, with a forum, providing resources and articles for expatriates worldwide.

    Website: www.expatexchange.com

  • Expat Expert 
    provides useful articles and information for the expatriate, resources about going and living abroad, as well as information for returning home.

    Website: www.expatexpert.com

  • Expat Finder 
    is a website which helps users compare and find products and services for their relocation process. It is targeted at people who plan to move or already live abroad, and provides different service sections for housing & property, money, insurance, moving, education, directory and jobs.

    Website: www.expatfinder.com

  • Expat Focus
    provides news, information, and advice for the expatriate; also maintains an online community through forums and blogs.

    Website: www.expatfocus.com

  • Expat Interviews
    Interviews with people living outside their home countries. Topics include what motivated them to live abroad, how they generate their income, and what they’ve learned from their experiences.

    Website: www.expatinterviews.com

  • Expat Network
    is an online resource for expatriates living and working abroad; features job board (for registered members) and an expat forum.

    Website: www.expatnetwork.com

  • Expat Today
    Includes information on conditions of expatriation, employment, returning home, and finances.

    Website: www.expat-today.com

  • Expat Weekly Telegraph
    is an online section of the Weekly Telegraph (U.K.) dedicated to expatriate living, with resources, news, articles, and information.

    Website: www.telegraph.co.uk/expat

  • Expat Women
    is a free website helping all expatriate women from all nationalities in any country in the world share experiences and advice, and find resources for living in a foreign country.

    Website: www.expatwomen.com

  • Expatriates.com
    provides an extensive resource directory, discussion board, etc. for the expatriate.

    Website: www.expatriates.com

  • Expatica
    this Netherlands-based site provides useful resources for those living and working in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, and Russia; also publishes an online newsletter and the annual Expat Survival Guide with basic information on living abroad.

    Website: www.expatica.com

  • Expats Power
    Discussion group for expats working away from home in the power industry on overseas assignments or looking for a job.

    Website: groups.yahoo.com/group/expatspower

  • Expats.cz
    is a portal for the English speaking business and international community in Prague. The website is targeted at people who live in or are moving to Prague. It offers information in a variety of fields, from doctors, lawyers, restaurants and real estate agencies to schools, language training and places to meet other expatriates. The website’s community is made up of business professionals, families, individuals, students and returning Czech expatriates alike.

    Website: www.expats.cz

  • FirstGov—Americans Living and Traveling Abroad
    part of the U.S. government’s main web portal, provides information on formalities and legal aspects of living abroad; a very comprehensive and highly practical web resource for the expatriate.

    Website: www.usa.gov/Topics/Americans-Abroad.shtml

  • Future Expats Forum
    is a fine website in the form of a blog which explores many expatriate issues for those present and future, including retirement abroad.

    Website: www.futureexpats.com

  • Geo Expat
    currently serves Hong Kong expats, with plans to expand to other Asian cities in the future. The site includes classifieds, forums, jobs and serviced apartments. It has a business directory and service listings. In addition, it operates two other websites under the same brand: geo schools and geo baby.

    Website: www.hongkong.geoexpat.com

  • iAgora
    is an online marketplace for those interested in studying in Europe, with job listings, housing resources, and forums.

    Website: www.iagora.com

  • Interaction International
    Global service and support network for individuals involved in trans-culture issues, studies, and research.

    Website: www.interactionintl.org

  • International Couples
    Forum discussion among international couples sharing ideas worldwide, exchanging experiences and providing information about relationships.

    Website: forums.delphiforums.com/n/main.asp?webtag=rogeranaflavia

  • International Living
    Articles, news, classifieds, home swaps, and information on retirement, real estate, living abroad.

    Website: www.internationalliving.com

  • Internations
    is “the world’s number one Expat Community online”

    Website: www.internations.org

  • JustLanded 
    offers “everything you need to live abroad — connecting expats worldwide.”

    Website: www.justlanded.com

  • Living Abroad
    is an expatriate membership site which tailors to business.

    Website: www.livingabroad.com

  • Meetup
    lists group meetings in cities around the world to help bring people with common interests together and promote the development of active local communities. The “Expat American” category lists hundreds of Meetup groups for expatriates from around the world.

    Website: www.meetup.com

  • Network for Living Abroad
    is a community for sharing experience and advice for studying, working, volunteering or retiring abroad. Resources include links to other sites pertaining to expatriate life, in-country contacts, employment abroad, volunteer opportunities and more. Articles on specific countries, message board, classified ads and free e-zine.

    Website: www.liveabroad.com

  • Newcomers Club Worldwide Directory
    is a worldwide directory of newcomers clubs for the newly arrived expatriate.

    Website: www.newcomersclub.com

  • Overseas Digest 
    provides resources for living, studying and working abroad; also publishes a weekly online newsletter.

    Website: www.overseasdigest.com

  • Personal Mail International, Inc 
    A commercial package and mail forwarding service for individuals and corporations. Includes company profile and FAQ.

    Website: www.pmipmi.com

  • Shelter Offshore 
    Expatriate publication featuring articles on buying property, investing, and living and working abroad.

    Website: www.shelteroffshore.com

  • Tales from a Small Planet
    is a fine webzine with news, stories, links, excellent message boards, and other resources for travelers and expatriates.

    Website: www.talesmag.com

  • Toytown Germany
    Toytown Germany is an English-language site for expatriates in Germany, collecting information about local bars and restaurants, events and meetups, and pretty much everything to do with moving to Germany and living there. The main part of the website is the discussion forum where expats share news, ask questions, organise events, and generally engage with each other.

    Website: www.toytowngermany.com

  • Transitions Abroad
    Provides practical information for international travelers looking to work, study, or live abroad.

    Website: www.transitionsabroad.com

  • US-UK Couples N Families
    Discussion of immigration issues and experiences for US-UK couples.

    Website: groups.yahoo.com/group/us-uk_couples_n_families

  • Workpermit.com
    provides useful information about immigration and work permits for a variety of countries.

    Website: www.workpermit.com

  • Expatriates.com
    An online community for expatriates, which has a section on New Zealand, with classified ads, links, and a bulletin board.

    Website: www.expatriates.com/classifieds/nz/

  • Expat Blog
    A worldwide directory of blogs related to expatriate life, with listings for New Zealand.

    Website: www.expat-blog.com/en/directory/oceania/new-zealand/

  • BritishExpats.com
    A website dedicated to British expats around the world, including postings from New Zealand.

    Website: britishexpats.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=83

  • Expat Blog
    This is a worldwide directory of blogs related to expatriate life, with listings for Australia.

    Website: www.expat-blog.com/en/directory/oceania/australia/

  • Askalo Australia
    This website is a Q&A community which allows expats to ask their own questions about any local topic and share their own tips and recommendations. 

    Website: www.askalo.com.au

  • Expat China LifeChina Expat Life
    I would like to use my experience as an English teacher and wannabe entrepreneur in Shanghai to show recent college graduates a great way to pay off student loans while exploring the wonders of China. I’d also like to help them find reliable employers in Shanghai.

    City: Shanghai
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/chinaexpatlife

  • Shenzhen Writers Circle
    A support and social group for writers in Shenzhen.

    City: Shenzhen
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Shenzhen-Writers-Circle/604101259683277

  • Orient Expat
    Useful website offering discussion groups on expatriate life, work, visa issues, and jobs in Asia, with sections on China and Hong Kong.

    Website: www.orientexpat.com/china

  • Living in China
    A section of the China Daily website, with information for expatriates.

    Website: www.chinadaily.com.cn/english/livechina/livingchina.html

  • Expatriate Archive CentreExpatriate Archive Centre
    Preserving expat experiences past and present, from any country and in any language, for research and for the future. Keep your expat life stories safe with us.

    City:  The Hague
    Website: www.xpatarchive.com
    Facebook: facebook.com/xpatarchive

  • Artifact AmsterdamArtifact Amsterdam
    Artifact offers drama lessons for kids and teenagers in Amsterdam. We offer drama lessons in English to children of different ages. It’s a great way for children to play in their own language, or for kids who want to improve their English in a fun way! Groups won’t consist of more than 15 students to create a safe environment for the students to explore their creativity. 

    City:  Amsterdam
    Website: www.artifactamsterdam.nl
    Facebook: facebook.com/artifactamsterdam


  • Karlsresource
    Karlsresource is a community and guidebook for English-speakers in Karlsruhe, Germany.

    City: Karlsruhe
    Facebook: facebook.com/karlsresource

  • Berlin Comedy in EnglishLive in Berln
    A place to find out about the Berlin English-Language comedy scene.

    City: Berlin
    Facebook: facebook.com/liveinberlin

  • FriendsInRomeFriends in Rome
    The leading international social group in Rome that organizes many social and cultural events with the aim of encouraging interaction between Italians and foreigners who visit or live in Rome.

    City: Rome
    Facebook: facebook.com/FriendsInRome

  • www.vinosofiaitalia.com vinsosofia
    A wine bar/shop with bookstore offering Bookcrossing – free book exchange of English books.

    City: Spello
    Facebook: facebook.com/vinosofia 

  • Globexs
    Globexs stands for Global Expatriate Services. Expat accommodation and services in Spain and Belgium.

    City: Valencia
    Website: www.globexs.com
    Facebook: facebook.com/globexs

  • Expat Go Malaysia
    Expat Go Malaysia is a website providing insightful, interactive information about Malaysia to Expats. The website is part of The Expat Group, which is a media-communications company founded in 1996 that provides information and support to the international community interested in Malaysia.

    Website: http://www.expatgomalaysia.com/
    Facebook: facebook.com/ExpatGoMalaysia

  • Nicaragua Dispatch 
    English newspaper in Nicaragua to stay up to date on events and happenings across the country

    Website: http://nicaraguadispatch.com/

  • Guidebook to San Juan del Sur 
    Guidebook written by expats who live there

    Website: http://sanjuandelsur.org/the-insider-guide/

  • American Expats In The U.K
    Provides information and resources for Americans living in or moving to the U.K.

    Website: www.americanexpats.co.uk/

  • Expat Focus
    Provides information and resources for expatriates for a large number of countries, including the U.K. The website also host forums and blogs for expats.

    Website: http://www.expatfocus.com/expatriate-uk

  • Expat Forums 
    hosts numerous discussion groups for expats, including one for the U.K.

    Website: expatforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=214

  • Expatica 
    Provides news, information, online resources as well as I am not a tourist Fairs in a large number of European countries, including the United Kingdom. This site also offers a platform to find a job and to get in contact with other expats.

    Website: www.expatica.co.uk/

  • Expatriates.com 
    An online community for expatriates, has a section on the U.K., with classified ads, links, and a bulletin board.

    Website: www.expatriates.com/classifieds/unitedkingdom/

  • The North American Connection
    A non-profit organization and social club assisting North Americans expatriates in the U.K.to adjust to English culture and customs. Membership includes a newsletter subscription.

    Website: www.naconnect.com

  • U.K. Yankee
    A website for American expatriates living in the U.K.. Provides information about moving, culture, education, immigration, real estate, etc., as well as a forum, live chat and newsletter.

    Website: http://www.uk-yankee.com

  • Suva Expats
    Not a blog, but a forum for finding rentals, event announcements and asking questions about where to find goods and services. Also has adjunct buy/sell groups for once you get here.

    Website: www.facebook.com/groups/suvaexpats

  • Pakistani Expatriates In Saudi Arabia
    Like Us For: Information, Jobs Awareness, Help, Support, Cooperation, Wide-ranging Information on the basis of Give Help & Get Help Amongst the Pakistani Expatriates in Saudi Arabia.

    City: Riyadh
    Facebook page: facebook.com/PakistaniExpatriatesInSaudiArabia

  • Newcomers Club Worldwide
    A worldwide directory of newcomers clubs for newly arrived expatriates, including the U.K.

    Website: http://www.newcomersclub.com/uk.html


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