road trip

One of the most delightfully easy ways to travel is at the comparatively slow and steady pace of your own vehicle, taking a leisurely cruise through the landscapes, villages, towns and cities that make up your own country of origin. It means a cheap holiday that really gets under the skin of the places you visit. It also means total independence when it comes to where you go, and when. Before you go, though, here’s a quick run-through of the things you’ll want to bear in mind when it comes to planning your road trip.

road trip

Your Vehicle

Heading out on the road trip of your dreams is sadly not as simple as clambering into your existing car and taking off with a sandwich in hand and a cool box of beers in the back. The chances are, the car that you presently possess is either too old to risk taking across country for a long distance, or inadequate for the sort of trip you’re planning. Check out the Lexus Glasgow dealership; you’re looking for reliability, durability and comfort, and you’ll find them there.

Plan a Route

You don’t have to buy all the maps and nor do you have to scour through Google Maps for days on end dropping pins in curious places on your planned route. One of the best parts of road tripping is your ability to stay an extra day in an accommodating town, or spin off onto a scenic route that ends up completely altering the route you’d had in mind. Simply have an idea of the main roads cutting and winding around your general area, and be comfortable making up the rest as you go along.

Don’t Run Out Of Gas or Oil

This seems like a simple tip, but you’d be surprised how often this happens on the open road, when your eyes are less fixed on your dashboard and more fixed on the landscapes around you, or the excitement of the next place you’ll be rolling into town. As well as ensuring you’re well topped-up on gas – never let the dial get near empty – keep an eye on your oil levels daily as low oil level or pressure can mean your engine running dry of oil, which can have rapid and catastrophic consequences for the expensive engine parts in your motor.

Be Adventurous

A road trip offers something different, and as such it makes little sense to drive between big cities that you’d be able to fly between using far less time, hassle and money. Instead, make sure you’re stopping off at the smaller roadside diners, the unheard-of villages, the rural community fairs, the forgotten playgrounds, the abandoned buildings and the spectacular viewpoints: it’s your trip, run your way, and your car allows you to stop and explore on foot anywhere you like. Never forget this exciting part of road tripping, and you’re guaranteed an adventure that will live long in the memory.

Road trips are becoming an increasingly popular mode of travel: enjoy yours with the help of the above tips.


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