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Travelling is some of the greatest fun you can ever experience, and it’s made infinitely better by the fellow travellers you meet along the way. These people can end up being friends for life as you create strong bonds when sharing share stories from your lives and taking part in adventure at the side of others, often relying on help and advice.

Travelling to new lands and pastures new is all about unearthing new sights, new experiences, and engaging with new people. So, if you want to get the best out of the time you spend travelling, then try and engage with as many other people as you can. Safety is always paramount, so ensure that you’re in a safe environment before engaging with strangers.

3 people

Plan Fun Activities

Get to know who’s travelling with you by organizing fun days out with the people you’ve got to know. If you’re staying on one part of a country or city for a reasonably long stay, then try to make friends however you can. Have fun with your fellow travellers and look around the area in search of things to do and fun activities to get involved in. Escape Room Jacksonville could provide the perfect backdrop for mix of adrenaline and teamwork, so get along to play. The great thing about escape rooms is that they requite teamwork, so you’ll depend upon others to get out and see the light of day again.

Help Them Out

Bond with your fellow travellers by giving them a helping hand with carrying luggage should they need it. Another way to bond with other travellers in the same position as you are to share some of your food or toiletries with them. This might sound like a rudimentary way of making friends, but hungry and tired travellers will appreciate your token of kindness. Ask them if they would like a tour of the local area if you’re more acquainted with it, and then introduce the new traveller to other people you’ve met in your hostel or hotel.

Go Out To Eat

For simplicity and certain enjoyment, go out to eat with your fellow travellers. Dining is a friendly experience, and it’s likely that you and many others will be keen to sample the foreign cuisine. So, ask other travellers if they’d like to join you for dinner and be sure to invite as many people as you can. If you’re not sure where to choose, then ask receptions for recommendations or wait for a group consensus on where to dine. Going out to eat is a great opportunity to learn more about your fellow travellers while in a busy and social sphere.

Sit At The Hostel Bar

If you’re sitting in your hostel room and you’re unsure about how to meet people, then you should turn on your heels and head for the hostel bar. On your way there, stop by reception and book yourself in on the next day’s excursion in order to explore further too. Get yourself a drink if you require a sip of Dutch courage before approaching other travellers in the bar. Bars are social places, and you shouldn’t be short of people to meet in them. Sit at the bar and enjoy a pint with a group of fellow travellers, and you’ll soon feel like you’ve got friends away from home. You don’t necessarily have to drink alcohol while you’re there, it’s just that the bar is usually a good meeting place.


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