Volunteering in Vietnam is a good way to interact with the local population and see the country while contributing in a positive way. Many foreigners are given work visas to carry out volunteer work and those with specialized skills frequently end up finding full time employment during their volunteer period in the rapidly growing economy.

The most common type of volunteer work in Vietnam deals with children. These programs usually include work in orphanages, disability centres, street children shelters, and villages. A lot of the children do not have parents or the parents are not able to care for the children. Volunteers help in providing care, teaching, and those with special skills like nursing or physiotherapy can support children with mental or physical disabilities.

Vietnam also needs volunteers capable of teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Volunteers can teach to children from disadvantaged backgrounds in schools located in far flung areas, training centers, disability centres and orphanages. There is no demand for previous teaching experience, only a willingness to work.

Vietnam has an adequate public healthcare standard with an average life expectancy of 74 years and a low rate of child birth mortality. However, there is a shortage of nurses, mid-wives and hospital beds due to limited funding. Healthcare volunteers in Vietnam help to set up medical camps in different provinces so locals have access to medical facilities, and treatment. Work involves administering vaccines and managing the camps.

The rate of tuberculosis infection in Vietnam is high with close to sixty people dying each month due to the ailment. Also HIV and AIDS are on the rise in the country. There is a need for high intensity of volunteer work in Vietnam for distributing medication, educating the population on preventative measures, vaccinations and related measures. The opportunities to volunteer in Vietnam are numerous.


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