Volunteering is a good way to enjoy a meaningful vacation in the Cayman Islands. There are numerous opportunities in varying fields to suit all types of individual interests. Visitors to the islands can volunteer a few hours a day in community outreach programs. Volunteer are always needed in the evenings to help area students with homework, practicing reading skills or just playing with them. Donation of even as little time as 30 minutes, once a week is highly appreciated.

The humane society is always looking for volunteers in four areas: the thrift store, bookstore, animal shelter and fundraising. To volunteer in the Cayman Island humane societies, all that is required is walking into shelter and offering to help. 

The Red Cross Society frequently requires field volunteers willing to work outdoors in harsh terrain of different reserves. Those with a true passion for nature, and proper physical ability, are engaged in clearing trails, gps mapping, iguana surveying, nest digging, vegetation and habitat surveys and fence building and much more. International field volunteers are provided with rustic accommodation and use of shared project vehicle. The work is physically demanding with guaranteed scratches, bruises and bites, but it allows visitors to experience nature in its true sense while enjoying the beauty the island has to offer.

HospiceCare is another volunteer option in Cayman Islands. Volunteers offer nursing services to people with life threatening ailments. Specialist nurses and caregivers are employed by the organization while volunteers provide support and help to the patients. 


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