Among the great ways to travel and see the world is volunteering for various causes in different parts of the world. Tunisia is a beautiful North African country that has a lot to offer potential volunteers. Among the common projects, you can look forward to include construction/renovation of low-income housing or community buildings, archaeology activities including site preservation, environmental projects, organic and nonorganic farming, and wildlife conservation among many others.

A suitable program for volunteer activity is the North South project run in partnership between the British Council and Association Tunisienne d’Action Volontaire (ATAV). The project, which targets the youth, aims to draw participants to undertake in community projects and develop solidarity.


In the city of Elhouria, interested volunteers can find a program that runs one-year involving research on sustainable living. The participants who will live on the farm during the period will discover more about earthen building aimed at improving living spaces. The project is on a 10 HA farm in the small town with very cool climate in Northern Tunisia. The opportunity appears perfect for a reclusive getaway from the hustle of city life.

Another good program is offered by the Council on International Education Exchange (CIEE) and takes its participants to Tunisia and countries such as Algeria, Ghana and Morocco. Participants of this program visit and study in work camps in these countries. Another interesting opportunity in Tunisian work camps is offered by SCI. The organization draws more than 5,000 volunteers annually to participate in these interactive work camps aimed at breaking down stereotypes through cooperation and shared goals. The British Council through its European Voluntary Service also offers similar one-year programs. Tunisia is a great country with a lot to offer.  


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